Our Services

We offer the following services: 

I-Device Enabled

All the MediFACTS functionality is available for your iPad. MediFACTS functionality is available on an iPhone too, but the screens are too data-rich to be of practical use. Inherent to this support of the browser "Safari" is also a feature.

Multiple Providers, Multiple Facility, Multiple locations – MediFACTS securely supports any configuration of practices from single doctors’ offices to multiple providers in the same facility or many facilities in many locations. The ability to view, change, and delete information is controlled through the permissions system to handle any business practice restrictions.


MediFACTS facilitates making, editing, viewing in a variety of ways, printing, and documenting patient appointments in any practice or facility configuration.

Office Schedule

MediFACTS can make an office schedule for doctors, office staff, or a facility containing information in one consolidated place by pulling information from a variety of sources in support of daily operations.

Patient Insurance

MediFACTS captures, displays, allows security-controlled editing, and documents encrypted patient insurance information for claims filing.

Office-to-Office Patient Data Import

MediFACTS can receive directly into our system via direct internet transfer patient data including demographics, diagnosis history, lab test result history, and prescription history from any doctor, clinic, or ASC that has an EHR certification.

Allergy List

MediFACTS captures, displays, allows security-controlled editing, and documents encrypted allergy lists collected verbally from the patient or office staff. This allergy list can be printed or rendered into a transferable or portable MU-compliant file and can be viewed by the patient via the patient portal.