Our Services

We offer the following services:


MediFACTS sends patient appointment reminders as part of the robust patient reminder system to reduce no-shows and encourage rescheduling. Reminders of the appointment are emailed approximately 24 hours before the appointment. If the patient has agreed, the system can send out text messages to the patient's text-enabled phone. The email contains the doctor’s name, facility name, facility address, appointment time, and the phone number for rescheduling. No cancellations or changes can be made using the alert system. The system has the functionality to send out multiple reminders.

Revenue Cycle Processing

MediFACTS offers revenue cycle processing meant to integrate and expedite the billing process, tract patients’ registrations, appointments, and check-outs.

EHR Software

MediFACTS has an integrated EHR software meant to manage patient records and clinical workflows with zero downtime. The software also allows you to communicate with patients and staff efficiently.

Time and Attendance Software

MediFACTS provides a time clock on the employee’s PC for recording time in and time out.

Office Provisioning

MediFACTS personnel can help you provision your office technology.